Business of the Month | Bent Metal Customs

If handed a large amount of money, anyone could go to a luxury car dealership and pick out a car that looks expensive and gives an impression of success. But that’s generic and boring. Why not resurrect a car from the days when automotive design really mattered?

Start with a huge piece of solid metal that has survived decades and will continue to survive. Make it something that no one else in the entire world has. Make it something that will turn every head it passes. Bent Metal Customs represents a new generation of hotrodding and classic car restoration: fresh new ideas with an understanding and respect for the traditional ways of building cars.

Bent Metal Customs

545 West Third Street

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July:  Wilson's Hardware & Locksmith
August:  Murray's Garage
September:  Lansdale Business Center
October:  Yocum Ford
November:  Hauck's Garage
December:  Mother Goose Daycare