Business of the Month | Lansdale Tavern

Local restaurants are an impactful gathering place for communities, where relationships form and memories are made.

Local restaurants are part of the fabric of any community. And since owners Julie and Buddy have strong community ties, Lansdale Tavern is an invaluable contributor to Borough events and causes. But it also holds memories of first dates, celebrations and family dinners.  Their unique food and drink have become an epicenter of activity.  

 Simply stated, Lansdale Tavern is a Lansdale landmark.

If a budding musician is playing a gig, they’re likely booked at Lansdale Tavern.  Philly sports more your style?  The tvs are always tuned to the latest Eagles, Phillies, Flyers or Union games.  You’ll also find trivia nights, fundrarisers and more happening at Lansdale Tavern, transforming it from a mere drinking establishment into a cornerstone of our community.  

Lansdale Tavern

839 W. Main Street

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July:  Wilson's Hardware and Locksmiths
August:  Murray's Tire and Auto
September:  Lansdale Business Center
October:  Yocum Ford
November:  Hauck's Garage
December:  Mother Goose Nursery School