Polling Places

The following are locations for Lansdale Borough residents to vote.  For more information on your polling place contact your local municipality or the Montgomery County Courthouse Voter Services at 1-610-278-3280.

Lansdale 1-1

Fairmount Fire Company, Vine Street and Susquehanna Avenue

Lansdale 1-2

Penndale Middle School, 400 Penn Street

Lansdale 1-3

North Penn YMCA, 606 E. Main Street

Lansdale 2-1

Lansdale United Methodist Church, 300 North Broad Street

Lansdale 2-2

Elm Terrace Gardens, 660 North Broad Street

Lansdale 2-3

Knapp Elementary School, Knapp Road

Lansdale 3-1

First Baptist Church, 700 N. Broad Street

Lansdale 3-2

Trinity Lutheran Church, 1000 W. Main Street

Lansdale 3-3

York Avenue Elementary School, York and Mitchell Avenues
Click here to visit our interactive Lansdale Ward Map.  Type your address in the upper right corner to find your ward and poll location. 
Ward Map