Residential Curbside Recycling

Lansdale Borough requires that residents recycle.  The following lists include haulers operating within the Borough as well as commonly accepted materials. 

Residential Haulers
Advanced Disposal
Horizon Waste
Republic Services
Waste Management 

Commonly Recycled Materials
Paper – newspaper, office/copy paper, glossy paper, color paper, cardboard, junk mail, phone books, cereal/cracker boxes
Plastic – bottles and jugs No. 1-7
Glass – clear, green and brown containers
Metal – aluminum, steel, tin, and bimetal cans and containers

*Be sure to check with your hauler for a complete list of accepted recyclable materials

Yard Waste 
Spring/Fall Cleanup – Use the link below for Spring/Fall pickup dates and a map showing curbside recycling sections.  Check back frequently for updates to the Spring and Fall Cleanup dates

*Lansdale Borough does NOT allow burning of yard waste.