Economic Development Incentive

Lansdale Borough is pleased to introduce its groundbreaking new Economic Development Incentive (EDI) Ordinance. Qualifying new and existing businesses can receive:

  • Discounts of 25% to 50% from land development and permit fees
  • Monthly discounts of 5% to 10% from Borough Electric bills for periods of two to ten years

Incentive levels are tied to capital expenditures for new construction, renovations, fixtures or equipment, and number of new or existing full-time employees working within Lansdale Borough.


Program goals include:

  • Making Lansdale a competitive, long-term choice for business locations
  • Creating employment and economic activity within the borough
  • Increasing borough electric and tax revenue
  • Encouragement of the adaptive reuse of commercial property
  • Improving property values by value-added investments

Incentive Levels

New Capital Investment in the Borough & Number of New or Existing Full-Time Employees During Incentive Period
Electrical Rate Discount
Land Development & Building Permit Fee Discount
$50,000 and at least 5 employees
5% for 2 years
$250,000 and at least 5 employees
5% for 3 years
$500,000 and at least 15 employees
5% for 4 years
$1,000,000 and at least 30 employees
5% for 5 years
$2,000,000 and at least 60 employees
7% for 7 years
$10,000,000 and at least 120 employees
10% for 10 years