Commercial Electric

For questions on Non-residential service upgrades, please contact Customer Service at 215-368-1691.

Commercial Service Without Demand Rate *
Customer Charge $13.25
All Consumption  $0.2306 per billing month

Commercial Service With Demand Rate *
Customer Charge $38.65
All Consumption  $0.1488 per KWH
Capacity Charge $8.28 per KW of billing demand

Primary Service Rate *
Customer Charge $110.44 per billing month
Consumption up to the Greater of 150 Hours Use of
Billing Demand or 5000 KWH  $0.1494 per KWH
All Additional Consumption $0.0834 per KWH
Capacity Charge $12.15 per KW of billing demand

High Tension Rate *
Customer Charge $110.44 per billing month
All Consumption $0.0743 per KWH
Capacity Charge $18.95 per KW of billing demand with a minimum  $14,213.63 charge

High Tension Rate (B) **
Customer Charge $100.50 per billing month
All Consumption $0.0676 per kWh
Capacity Charge $17.24 per Kw of billing demand with a minimum $12,933.00 per month

*Rates shall be subject to the Purchase Power Cost Adjustment.  Bills shall be the sum of the customer charge, consumption charge, capacity charge and purchased power adjustment charge.  

**Only for customers with a monthly consumption 500,000 kWh and 1000 kW peak billing demand per month.  THis rate per Resolution 2018-08 on March 28, 2018.

Jobbing Rates

Reconnect at Meter before 4:30 pm
Reconnect at Meter after 4:30 pm
Reconnect at Taps
Time and Material
Electric Service Boards
3 Phase Demand, etc.
Time and Material
Administration Costs
10% of Total Bill
At Borough Cost
Meter Testing--First Time
No Charge
Meter Testing --All Other Times
Transformer Rental Rate
0.1505 per KVA

Hourly Rate is determined by Union Contract plus an additional 30% coverage fringe benefits

Equipment Price Per Hour

Line Truck
Bucket Truck
Meter Van
One Ton Dump
Air Compressor