Commercial Electric

For questions on Non-residential service upgrades, please contact Customer Service at 215-368-1691.

Commercial Service Without Demand Rate *
Customer Charge $13.25
All Consumption  $0.2306 per billing month

Commercial Service With Demand Rate *
Customer Charge $38.65
All Consumption  $0.1488 per KWH
Capacity Charge $8.28 per KW of billing demand

Primary Service Rate *
Customer Charge $110.44 per billing month
Consumption up to the Greater of 150 Hours Use of
Billing Demand or 5000 KWH  $0.1494 per KWH
All Additional Consumption $0.0834 per KWH
Capacity Charge $12.15 per KW of billing demand

High Tension Rate *
Customer Charge $110.44 per billing month
All Consumption $0.0743 per KWH
Capacity Charge $18.95 per KW of billing demand with a minimum  $14,213.63 charge

*Rates shall be subject to the Purchase Power Cost Adjustment.  Bills shall be the sum of the customer charge, consumption charge, capacity charge and purchased power adjustment charge.  

Jobbing Rates

Reconnect at Meter before 4:30 pm
Reconnect at Meter after 4:30 pm
Reconnect at Taps
Time and Material
Electric Service Boards
3 Phase Demand, etc.
Time and Material
Administration Costs
10% of Total Bill
At Borough Cost
Meter Testing--First Time
No Charge
Meter Testing --All Other Times
Transformer Rental Rate
0.1505 per KVA

Hourly Rate is determined by Union Contract plus an additional 30% coverage fringe benefits

Equipment Price Per Hour

Line Truck
Bucket Truck
Meter Van
One Ton Dump
Air Compressor