Electric Billing Policy During COVID-19

To promote social distancing and reduce foot traffic at Borough Hall, we encourage all customers to pay their utility bill either online at https://ipn2.paymentus.com/cp/brld or by phone at 1-888-844-8371. 

This serious pandemic deserves the complete cooperation of the borough and its residents to alleviate the hardship that has been placed upon all of us. “The Borough is committed to assisting our customers get through this difficult period,” Borough Manager John Ernst says. “We are continually looking at ways to relieve the burden this challenge has placed on the people we are proud to serve.”

If you have concerns about making your payment due to extenuating financial circumstances, please contact a customer service representative at 215-368-1691. We will work with customers to make payment arrangements at a later date to ensure that service will remain on for all our customers.

Payments can still be dropped in the blue dropbox in the lobby of Borough Hall, 1 Vine Street, Lansdale.

Lastly, Lansdale Borough will continue to look for new opportunities to assist customers through any financial hardship sustained during this unprecedented event.