Heritage Valley Neighborhood

July 7, 2020
The Lansdale Borough 2020 Microsurfacing work will be taking place beginning Friday, July 10 continuing through the following week until complete. This work is weather dependent so dates may be pushed back if necessary due to rain. The scheduled work includes the microsurfacing treatment to be applied to the entire length and width of the following streets: Lombardy Drive, Sycamore Drive, Yorktown Street, Monticello Place, Gettysburg Drive, Concord Place, Lexington Road, Williamsburg Road, Jamestown Drive and West Ninth Street from Moyers Rd to the municipal utility complex. Residents of these streets should expect temporary restrictions while the microsurfacing is being applied and curing. The contractor will post signage along planned work areas at least 24 hours before work is scheduled and all vehicles will be required to be removed from the roadway until the application is complete.