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Feb 12

January 16th, 2019 Business Meeting - Mayor's Report

Posted on February 12, 2019 at 11:00 AM by Garry Herbert

With the holidays my schedule was a little light in comparison to most other months. However, the LPD did swear in Officer Bundy on December 22nd. She joins our ranks as a newly minted Officer and we are excited to have her join our already sterling force. As you witnessed tonight thanks to our achievement awards, our LPD is exceptional in their practice and I am excited to see us continue that tradition throughout 2019.

Over the course the last few weeks I had the honor to sit down with all of our candidates for the open council seat. All of them brought unique and different skills to the position and I am impressed by their selflessness and desire to represent their friends, family, and neighbors. I encourage all of them to stay involved in our community because you do not need to sit on this council to have a positive impact on our home.

Last week I traveled to CES where I was able to witness a glimpse into the future of what technological changes will bring to our world. The advent of 5G over the next 3 years will bring a fundamental shift to every community in this country. This expansion will challenge us as, a community, to think differently about everything from how we Police our community, what services we offer, to how we think about and repair our infrastructure. I believe Lansdale is well situated to lean into this future and I look forward to working with all council on this endeavor over the next few years.

Finally, just today Chief Trail alerted me that we will be partnering with Waze, the Mobile navigation app, to more quickly alert the community to road closures and accidents. I am very excited to see this come to fruition as this partnership will help our community navigate the borough's traffic concerns more strategically and will highlight some of the unique and different thinking that we will need going into the future.

As always my office hours continue to be Tuesday’s 9-5 and Saturday 9 to Noon.