Abandoned Vehicles

A vehicle (other than a pedalcycle) shall be presumed to be abandoned under any of the following circumstances, but the presumption is rebuttable by a preponderance of the evidence:

  • The vehicle is physically inoperable and is left unattended on a highway or other public property for more than 48 hours
  • The vehicle has remained illegally on a highway or other public property for a period or more that 48 hours
  • The vehicle is left unattended on or along a highway of other public property for more than 48 hours and does not bear all of the following: a valid registration plate, a certificate of inspection, and an ascertainable vehicle identification number
  • The vehicle has remained on private property without the consent of the owner or person in control of the property for more than 48 hours.

Maintenance Equipment

Vehicles and equipment used or to be used in construction or in the operation or maintenance of highways or public utility facilities, which are left in a manner that does not interfere with the normal movement of traffic shall not be considered abandoned.

If you have a complaint regarding an abandoned vehicle, email the Lansdale Police Department or call 215-368-1801.

An officer will respond and evaluate the situation. If the vehicle can be verified as abandoned, it will be posted with an orange notification sticker; if the owner does not move the vehicle after a period of time, it will be towed.