Safety & Security

How can you protect yourself and your home?

  • Use a deadbolt lock and solid core wood or metal door on all outside entrances
  • Inventory, mark, photograph and video your valuables
  • Use automatic timers to illuminate your home
  • Use motion detection lights outside
  • Secure windows and doors with locks and deadbolts (do not overlook sliding glass doors)
  • Trim landscape to reasonable heights to provide good visibility and to hinder burglars from seeking hiding places around your home or apartment
  • Obtain a secure alarm system and register it with Lansdale Police Department
  • When traveling at night, be aware of your surroundings
  • Avoid using ATMs at night; before you enter your car look in the back seat and have your keys ready when walking to the car
  • Do no accept rides from strangers and stay away from parked cars containing individuals unknown to you
  • When you leave your home, let someone responsible know where you are going and when you plan to return.
  • When you're away on vacation, contact the Lansdale Police Department and let them know how long you are going to be away as well as when you will be returning
  • If possible, carry a cell phone with you for emergencies
  • Discuss with your children about being home alone and how to play outside safely.

Visit Missing Kids for more information and free publications for families.