Capital Improvement Projects

Operation C.O.R.E.


The Operation C.O.R.E. (Construction, Overlay, Recycling, Engineering) program was implemented in 1990. The goal of the program was to take a comprehensive engineering look at the borough’s roadways including residential and heavily traveled roads. These roads were examined from an engineering perspective for the condition of the road surface, base course, sanitary, and storm sewers. Prior to beginning any of these projects, the borough notified all underground utilities to have an assessment of their lines. Replacement of utility lines was coordinated with the borough as part of the overall project. This is done to eliminate any future road reconstruction on streets that have been completed. With the Operation C.O.R.E. in place, residents have seen a significant improvement to the borough’s roadway system of not only major thoroughfares but residential streets as well. It is the borough’s plan to continue Operation C.O.R.E. into the 21st Century. Since its implementation in 1990, Lansdale Borough has spent in excess of $10,481,429. Check our home page for ongoing road construction.


Funding for these projects has come from a variety of sources, including PennDOT Liquid Fuel funds, Community Development Block Grants, and Borough reserves. Additionally, the borough participated in the Montgomery County Infrastructure Loan Program, which enabled municipalities to obtain funding for qualified road projects at a low interest rate.

Future Funding

The borough maintains its commitment to these road improvement initiatives, having received positive feedback from its citizens.