TOTAL Soccer

AGES 3 - 4

We know the importance of engagement in the learning process - it’s essential to first get kids interested and motivated before they can absorb the necessary lessons involved in our soccer training programs. Thematic games and fun exercises are designed to inspire and challenge young players, but also allow them to meet with successes that keep them interested in learning more. Learning the fundamentals and developing a love for the game starts here. 

AGES 4 - 6

Our Soccer Starters program is aimed at providing best-in-class soccer training for your kids. A perfect introduction to soccer basics, children learn the fundamental skills needed to progress as players, while gaining valuable experience in teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical fitness. Our six-week program is loaded with interactive games designed to get them moving and having a fun time. We will develop foundational skills such as following instructions, handling a soccer ball and learning body movements and coordination. 


total soccer