Human Relations Commission



Agendas & Minutes



Five members for three year terms (initial appointment will have two(2) members for three(3) years, two(2) members for two(2) years and one(1) member for one(1) year to assure staggered terms)

  • Anthony Johnson
  • Hannah Vargo
  • Juliane Ramic
  • Jessica Rice
  • Aurelia Henry


The Human Relations Commission will work to ensure that all persons, regardless of actual or perceived race, color, age, religious creed, ancestry, sex, national origin, handicap, use of guide or support animals because of blindness, deafness or physical handicap of the user or the user is a handler or trainer of support or guide animals, or sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression enjoy the full benefits of citizenship and are afforded equal opportunities for employment, housing and public accommodation.