Build an Emergency Plan 1 Month at a Time

Being prepared for disasters and emergencies can seem like a big job. Many people don't know where to start, so they never start at all. With Do 1 Thing you can take small steps that make a big difference in an emergency.  


When our community is prepared, emergency responders can help more people and in turn, when citizens are more prepared, they can help their neighbors.  

The concept of Do1Thing entails doing "1thing" each month in order to build an emergency plan. The program breaks emergency planning down into small and easy steps to help alleviate the stress of doing everything at once.  Each month a new tab will be added below to share the 1 thing you can do that month to be more prepared.    

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Emergency Supplies:  Remember important items that may be overlooked when leaving your home in a disaster.


Gather your emergency supplies in an accessible place. 

Have a go bag ready if you have to shelter in place or evacuate your home. Your go bag can be part of your emergency kit, just make sure it is in a bag or easy to carry container and that it is easy to get to.

Create an emergency supply kit for your pet, your car, and your workplace or school. 

Disasters can strike when you are away from home. If your office or school does not have an emergency kit, offer to help make one.

Stash some cash in case ATMs and credit card machines are not usable in a disaster. 

Some experts say you should have at minimum $150.00 in cash stashed away. Realizing this may not be possible for everyone, any amount is good to start with.

News from the 11/01/2019 edition:

 Emergency Supplies