Annual Report & Community Survey

2019 Annual Report

The Lansdale Police Department is proud to deliver the 2019 Departmental Report to the Community.  Today, Lansdale is experiencing rapid growth in our community, which has seen our sleepy town regain its identity as a cultural hub of the region and destination place for culture, food, and drink as well as great entertainment.

The foundation of this growth and development is providing our residents, business owners, and visitors a safe place to visit.  To that end, the Lansdale Police Department has increased our efforts to build trust and legitimacy with the community we serve, which has allowed us to develop partnerships with the community such as our numerous community events, improved training, and adoption of technology aimed at increasing transparency and humanizing the badge.

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2019 Police Reports

2019 Community Survey

The purpose of the survey is:

  • To develop and understanding of the community’s feelings on safety, concerns, and attitudes toward LPD
  • Develop trust and legitimacy through opening a dialog between the PD and the community we serve
  • Provide a road map for future objectives which need to be completed by the PD
  • Set a baseline for future surveys which allow for performance review of how LPD is servicing the community

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