Outdoor Burning

We’ve got the answers to your BURNING questions!  Lansdale Borough does allow outdoor recreational fires as well as portable outdoor fireplaces.  But before you light any fires, be sure you know the regulations and safety precautions.  

Location and Size

  • The minimum distance from a structure or any combustible material is 15 feet 
  • Chiminea, metal ring, stone/brick surrounds and outdoor fireplaces are approved containers for outdoor fires
  • Containers MUST BE used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the 2015 International Fire Code

Materials To Burn

  • Clean, seasoned and dry firewood can be used
  • DO NOT burn leaves, grass, trash or construction materials


  • Recreational fires must be constantly attended until fully extinguished
  • Suitable extinguishing agents include 4-A rated extinguisher, dirt, sand, water barrel or garden hose

Consider Your Neighbors

  • Be aware that neighbors may be negatively impacted to exposure of smoke
  • Take precaution and check wind conditions prior to lighting any fires