Commercial Fire Safety

Lansdale Borough is tasked with inspecting new and existing buildings within the Borough limits. Our main focus when performing these inspections is safety with the goal of creating and maintaining safe businesses. Achieving this goal provides risk reduction to building owners, employees, customers, tenants, visitors and emergency responders in the case of a fire or emergency. The material in the brochure, which you can click on to the right, will assist you with code compliance of the applicable fire codes to attain this goal.

The materials provided in the brochure offer an overview of items that should be addressed prior to your inspection, which will give you an opportunity to correct any deficiencies that may exist. To assist you in preparing for an inspection, we’ve also included a checklist to help you better understand and track items to complete prior to scheduling an inspection. Our hope is that all these materials will work to assist you in maintaining a safe and code compliant property.

If you have additional questions concerning your property or any materials included in this brochure, please feel free to contact the Borough’s Fire Marshal, Rick Lesniak, at any time at 215-368-1691. Thank you for your help and cooperation in making your building a safer place for all who live, work and visit Lansdale Borough.

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